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-Tries to call CPS on fictional character from 9 years ago-



Shut your eyes!

Shut your eyes!


Supernatural 10.03 - Soul Survivor Sneak Peek [x]


somekindofhero replied to your post:recently i’ve read like 3 fics where they mention…
THIS JUST SOUNDS LIKE UNFORTUNATE WORDING theyre probably talking abt the reddish uh. tinge. from the boner. rather than blood red the color. ah rip

hmmmm yes you’re probably right lmao. that’s a relief.

recently i’ve read like 3 fics where they mention someone’s “blood-red cock” O_O i don’t kno much about dicks but i feel like they probably don’t turn blood-red during sex??

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i’m also a little bothered by all of tumblr’s “go to church/you need jesus” jokes about reading m/m fic, as if that isn’t a real thing that people’s parents still regularly say to them when they come out :/

UGH YES this bothers me so freaking much. i get really uncomfortable whenever i see people saying this, especially about anything related to queer stuff. if anyone said it to me i would honestly be really pissed. like yeah maybe forcing religion on someone is a joke to you but it isn’t to me…

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this bothers me too

i feel like a lot of times people think it’s okay to say vaguely homophobic things about their ships because they mean it like “too cute” or w/e but it’s just shitty